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We will be continuing to update this page (as well as the rest of the site) and adding further useful and entertaining links as soon as time allows, so please keep checking back, or email here to be notified about new stuff...

The Only Michael
Michael Harding's personal site as DJ/producer/remixer with links to other musical projects

Anthology Recordings
New York based label specialising in classic re-issues - download the 'Music While You Work' album from here

1000 Mexicans in space
Myspace page for 1000 Mexicans - hear full length tracks and read all about it...

Vintage Vinyl Mail Order
Online outlet of legendary Illinois record shop Vintage Vinyl Records.
This link
should take you straight to their "Independent/New Wave" section - as their cataloguing system puts numbers before letters, 1000 Mexicans usually appear at the top so are fairly easy to track down

Vinyl Japan
Site for Vinyl Japan record label, responsible for the "Whaam! Bam! Thank You Dan" album and home of the very wonderful Jazz Butcher Conspiracy among others...

Television Personalities
Unofficial but comprehensive site on one of the most enduringly idiosyncratic British bands of the post-punk era fronted by ex-Whaam! Records man Daniel Treacy

Cathal Coughlan
Ex-Microdisney and Fatima Mansions writer and vocalist Cathal Coughlan remains one of the most underrated talents in whatever field it is that all these people are running around in. All his music comes highly recommended from here and this site is characteristic of his edgy elegance (or something..)

Joe Meek
Exhaustive resource site for information on the life and work of the pioneering record producer. If we need an excuse for this link, it's that the cafe two doors down from Meek's old studio on London's Holloway Road was frequented regularly by 1000 Mexicans during rehearsals for their almost fatal tour of Germany (Autumn 1986)...

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