1000 Mexicans - Introduction

 1000 Mexicans were one of the most innovative and creative independent bands of the 1980s, combining quality pop  songwriting and  rhythmic and harmonic richness with their unique touches of experimentalism and eccentricity.

 Described by one journalist as "the musical equivalent of the 70s Dutch team with their total football", the trio of Julian  Griffin, Michael  Harding  and Andrew Hobday exchanged vocal and instrumental duties at the drop of a sombrero,  "mixing melody and mayhem in equal  measure."

Their first single The Art of Love provoked Melody Maker reviewer Adam Sweeting to enthuse "The way things are going it won't be long before 1000 Mexicans are the best band in the world." They went on to release 4 more singles including the classic The Last Pop Song and Under Construction, a hit in Spain and Portugal, as well as the LP Dance like Ammunition

Despite success in Europe and consistent critical acclaim, they never found favour with the UK record industry who appeared confused by their singular brand of humour and sometimes anarchic live shows. The 'hi-flying Burrito Brothers' eventually found themselves in a tangle of bad management and publishing agreements that strangled their creative momentum  and finally their will to live.

UPDATE 2015: Sparked off by invitations to take part in tributes to Adrian Borland and Desmond Simmons, Andrew and Michael rejoined forces after almost 30 years, writing and releasing new material and  playing live in the UK and Spain.

Under Construction live in Valencia, March 2015

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