1000 Mexicans - The Last Pop Song

Catalogue info: Abstract Records, ABS 021
Release date: January 1984
Format: 7" vinyl, 12" vinyl
Track listing: Side A - The Last Pop Song; Side B (7") - Chinese Whispers;
Side B (12") - Manipulating the Dummy, Statistics, Chinese Whispers

Some of the reviews:

TIME OUT - Monster rhythm, lacerating guitar and outrageous solo trumpet on probably the best avant-bop 45 since The Pop Group.

ZIGZAG - A riotous, sharp-witted, play for today and the rest of your life. A mauling classic. A brutish bonanza and a little kick up the Euphrates, growling with its inner brilliance. The bass, the words, the bolstered power, the chorus, the intent, the tension, the torment (must I go on?) It means but one thing, the single of the month. Turn off the muzak.

MELODY MAKER - Strangely compelling, insistent, jarring, often abrasive, 1000 Mexicans build industriously around their central idea without fuss or clutter, but with a good deal of ingenuity so that eventually you give in.

NME - Two note, square-jawed brutalism whose visceral, regimentedly 'primitive' groove is diminished when the idiot with the cactus up his arse starts to sing.

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