1000 Mexicans - Diving for Pearls

Catalogue info: Fire Records, FIRE 1
Release date: November 1984
Format: 12" vinyl
Track listing: Side A - Diving for Pearls; Side B - The Diplomat, Man Catches Man, Trans-Astrakhan (Seeing the World)

Some of the reviews:

SOUNDS - "Diving for Pearls" is both intense and commercial, a rare being. Knotted between a mature Joy Division meets early Depeche Mode spasmotion, like a ghost squatting on your face, its hook is haunting and hunted. No doubt the group are all gringos though the slipstreamed trumpet quotes Latin in the sparse manner of Miles circa "Sketches of Spain". Concerning an aborting relationship and just about Single of the Week - Needs nothing.

NUMBER 1 - One of the more engaging artefacts from the confusing independent netherworld, 1000 Mexicans go the whole hog on "Diving for Pearls" with tight jazz harmonies and macabre wit - a welcome addition to the ranks of the unorthodox but passionate school of British eccentricity.

MUSIC WEEK - This intense but beguiling group release their first single for the new label that may well create an interest with haunting vocals covering a simple but effective backing of drum machine and booming bass, enlivened throughout by the bright, jazzy trumpet breaks.

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