Another Spark

Catalogue info: Another Spark 001
Compilation of rare and unreleased tracks by some of the best independent
bands active in the UK and Ireland in 1984 or thereabouts
Format: C90 cassette with 32 page booklet

Full track listing:
Inca Babies - Superior Spectre
The Moodists - Do the Door, Friend
Bone Orchard - Boneabilly Party (I'm Boned)
The Three Johns - Windolene (live)
The Box - The Flatstone
The Membranes - The Throat (live)
In Excelsis - Love Lies (live)
Perfect Vision - Empires and Ashes
Bourbonese Qualk - In-Flux
Hectic Red - The Great Promise
1000 Mexicans - The Art of Love, A Weekly Magazine (Part 2, free with Part 1)
Red Guitars - Check it Out
The Mekons - Is this the Way? (live)
DCL - The King's Broadcast
Full Sail - Lovers Spit & Kiss/Red Letter Day
The Ghost of Electricity - The Rain Dance
Microdisney - Helicopter of the Holy Ghost
In Embrace - Kiss a cold(er) shoulder
Ege Bam Yasi - Jesus Makes His Own Bread
The Go-Betweens - Newton Told Me
The Jazz Butcher - Inside Your Heart
Five Go Down to the Sea - Kelly from Killeen
Billy Bragg - Island of no Return (live)
22 Beaches - Dust
Ninth Arena - Windless Streets
Tinytown - Lacklustre

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