1000 Mexicans - The Art of Love

Catalogue info: Whaam Records, Whaam 012
Release date: August 1983
Format: 7" vinyl
Track listing: Side A - The Art of Love; Side B - News of You

Some of the reviews:

MELODY MAKER - The way things are going, it won't be long before 1000 Mexicans are the best band in the world. Fast-moving, carefully camouflaged, and just this side of tasteless, 1000 Mexicans are witty! 1000 Mexicans are wise! 1000 Mexicans will have a hit if this gets played on daytime Radio 1! There I go again. Buy it, by the way.

SOUNDS - Far from being party guests at the terminally intense Elephant Table of Difficult Music, the numerous light-hearted Mexicans decline the invitation and offer instead an accessible and highly inventive xylophonic study of the 'art' of love, the chorus "inside I'm burning - but outside I'm standing in the cold" overriding all preconceptions and imprinting itself on the ol' memory circuits in the blink of an eye.

SCHLAGER (SWEDEN) - Likasa i nr 74 fanns en notis om 1000 Mexicans. Sangaren Michael Harding har sant mig deras debutsingel "The Art of Love" (Whaam/imp) som visar pa lite av bandets raa kraft - anda har den en bit kvar till hojderna "Chinese Whispers" jag skrev om. Lyssna trots det.

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